What is Your Academy?

Your Academy is a gamified virtual educational platform that supports teachers and students with innovative tools to attain personalized learning experiences for the next generation using digital content on the internet.

Who is Your Academy?

Your Academy was founded by Tina Thörner, the world-renown rally car driver and education enthusiast, and a team of expert educators, technology leaders and researchers united around the mission of delivering a 21st century educational tool using the digital revolution. It serves as a gateway for the instructive use of learning materials available on the internet as well as personally created materials by instructors. The educators that are developing the platform as a supplement to the curriculum have many years of experience in specialized learning, gifted education, and cross-cultural education.

What makes Your Academy unique?

Users of the gamified educational platform create workbooks individually or as a group in response to the specific needs of students, teachers and the community around them. Because it is created instantaneously, it gives a unique flexibility that no other curriculum of today is offering. We develop Personalized Learning Plans and Project-based Learning Plans to cultivate students mentally, academically, and socially. We work with partners in the community to offer a universal learning experience that benefits from local experts and institutions in surrounding neighbourhoods. All of this is made possible through our supportive network that strives continuously to drive true innovation in education.

What are gamified work boards?

They are specialized tools that support learning communities and can be adapted to any subject or project, mixed and matched by the instructors according to the topic the pupils are studying. The work boards allow the students to effectively utilize the available materials on the internet or create and add materials themselves. The instructors can invite students of mixed ages and countries, grouped into several classes. It can be operated with unrestricted number of admins as well as students, an unlimited workbook adapting to the needs of the pupils and instructors while supporting the importance of self-development and advancement through knowledge.

Why use digital technology?

Today’s students are utilizing digital technology in various ways outside of the school setting, and many become more or less an expert in it during their adolescence. Therefore, schools should accommodate this new trend, although without replacing the student-teacher relationship. Our program supports teachers and seeks to enhance the quality of time they spend with each student.

Our program in practice:

  • Helps teachers do what they do best, teach. Our digital platform inspires innovation and creativity while learning. It is time-efficient and promotes more direct interaction between teachers and students.
  • Stimulates more communication and cooperation between teachers, students and parents. We understand the significance of the role parents play in every child’s education.
  • As a supplement for the interactive, project-based digital learning approach, our program is utilized as a very powerful tool in preparing students to confidently face the challenges of the future.
  • Depending on the student’s age and skill level, our work boards can be created to support individual needs, regardless of the curriculum, subject, project or language. It can be accessed on any digital device. A student may even use it to upload pictures or videos of their activities and share them with their friends and family for feedback. The key is to achieve their overall learning objectives in the process.

Does your system support homework?

Our system makes homework less distressing and more flexible while allowing students to use their time more efficiently. Our platform gives them the freedom to complete projects or to dive deeper into topics driven by passion and curiosity in their own choice of time and place. It simply consists of reading a text, completing a writing section, watching videos, and taking a quiz, whether individually or as part of a group, all in the digital platform internet “cloud”.

How do you grade work done on each work board?

Frequent feedback is our key to improving student progress over time. All work done on Your Academy platforms are examined and evaluated via specialized analytic tools such as Big Data. This instrument simplifies the teacher’s job of giving students quality and quantifiable feedback.

Through these tools students, teachers and family members can easily assess the progress, reflect on the pattern of each student’s Personalized Learning Plan, and adjust their learning path accordingly if and when required.

These analytic tools can also be used to motivate and enhance the students’ learning experience while formulating their future educational goals and career plans based on their aptitudes.

Why should it be open for students and teachers around the world?

“I am a world citizen,” says founder Tina Thörner, “and my core beliefs of creating a cherished and sustainable future for the coming generations of the world is to open this gateway of education to students of all countries, cultures, religions and sexes. Everyone is connected in one way or another – therefore, we need to condition the next generation from an early age to recognize and accept that, when we work together as a WORLD TEAM, we will overcome our differences and create opportunities for each one of us to enjoy a better life on earth.”

Effectively using today’s technological advancements WE CAN DO IT!!!

Why build a network of students and teachers?

Your Academy is built on a scalable framework of centralized resources, including administration, product development, engineering, operations, and human resources. Through collaboration and innovation, our platform improves as it grows, while maintaining a sincere and open environment for each student and group. Every student’s experience enhances as additional students join the network. All new input, ideas and insights on best learning practices are shared across the network so that others may benefit. Since initiating our beta version in January of 2015, we’ve expanded from our pilot schools in Sweden to attracting schools in Scandinavia, India, Spain, and Luxemburg, with whole school communities in Tingsryd starting in August. As our network grows from hundreds to thousands of enrolled students in the years to come, Your Academy will evolve to provide a continuously higher quality learning experience for them all.

How can Your Academy support personalized education?

Each user profile stores constantly updated personal information such as interests, passions, strengths, prospects, and learning strategies that work best for them, as well as progressive status of their learning ambitions. Based on the progress of those learning plans and objectives, the student can reflect on what he has achieved and what he is lacking towards attaining the next level. Once those goals are mastered, new goals will be set for the student.

How are you funded?

At the moment, Your Academy is privately funded by its founder, Tina Thörner. In the future we will transition towards philanthropic funding sources and Corporate Social Responsibility engagements from the business sector. Our funding gives us the reliable financial resources and flexibility to build contemporary and state-of-the-art educational tools that can quickly evolve to serve increasing number of users.