Your Academy’s first GLOCAL project between schools in Sweden and Uganda together with our partners started 2017

You can also follow the energy use from the solar cells:


Welcome to School4You

This is where you learn, create and collaborate.
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  • School4You is a gamified, widget based, online, free for all, dashboard platform.

  • An entrepreneurial tool for students & teachers.

  • Can be used: - any where - any time - any place - borderless.

  • Inspirational platform that is gamified.

  • Invites users to get involved – act – be a part of – collaborate and have fun while learning.

  • Free to use.

  • Every work board can be mad into a path – where you can reach the next level – by unlocking the previous one by know-how.

  • Make learning and teaching more playful.

  • A tool that support the 21st Century.

  • Stimulate thinking to adapt to an ever changing environment.

  • Trigger entrepreneurial skill among the young generation.

  • Time saving.

  • Always up to date.

  • Use information and knowledge from the web or create it yourself.

  • Can be used on all digital devices.

  • Work together on unique work boards.

  • Have parallel work boards "brain storm on".

  • Use a mix of social common tools with YA tools.

  • Stimulate students’ workflow with points and digital badges.

  • Possibilities to make commons and rate content created in a peer-to-peer environment.

  • Bridge the gap between informal learning that students already do in their spare time and formal education in school.

  • Take e-learning to the next level.

  • Learning is exploring.

  • Create together on any language.

  • Become the best yourself.

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