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SCHOOL4YOU – a modern, easy & user-friendly digital education platform

Support flexible adaption, learning and training. Now when educators pivot to the remote and hybrid environment. We believe in collaboration, learning, educating each other combined through technology GLOCAL! Enabling to be connected and engaged. Together we can make all of us learn more for our self in collaboration with each other. Edtech is here to support and inspire educators to innovate, create, and elevate meaningful engagements in teaching and learning. We make it easy to digitalize your lesson, for individuals or classes using the toolbox. Mix your own content with already excising Templates. Present, answer and contribute on extended work boards by loading up a text, pdf, picture, or create a film. Completely decide your own structure of educating based on your learners need.

Glocal projects

Your Academy’s first GLOCAL project between schools in Sweden and Uganda, together with our partners, started 2017. You can follow the energy use from the solar cells here.

Easy to use in class or for distance teaching & learning

With this tool you can as educator build up your own lessons where you through step by step take your learners forward. You can create quiz and polls to keep the learners active and look at statistics how each and one progress.

You can decide how the material that you up-load should work for your learners and through that work more flexible with your material.

This is here you communicate with your learners and document their progress and through that make assessments.

Your own content on SCHOOL4You

With the help of the tools on the workboard you create your own unique lesson adapted do how you want to teach on School4you. Here you add your learners by sending an invitation e-mail for this lesson.

This will become your common place to work together on. It can also be created as a collaboration workboard to share with other educators and learners from any other region or country with an Internet connection.


You can create assignments and activities for your learners. Here you distribute the content from the up-loaded material that you want the learners to work with during a lesson or over a period of time.

You can gamify homework or start a challenge for your students where they are able to collect points during a set time. The assignments are produced in widgets and can be made into a path, where you in a pedagogical way get the opportunity to guide your students through the work bord. This is triggering their focus when they can follow their own progress as well.

Overview over answers & feedback

Easier to communicate and follow up. Each work bord have a “learners work board” to post their answers, input and feedback for each educator to get a clear overview.

Under statistics you can also follow each learner who has have been invited to that work board, the widgets that have been completed and see each learner´s progress on the workboard. YA results makes it easier to collaborate and work together with colleagues.


As educator you have full control on what is shown and how the work board is issued and distributed. You can create each work board together with colleges or share your created ones with them.

You can alternate content from templates that you can find under Contetn4you or shared templates from colleagues with your own material. We know that many educators have their own well-done tasks or need to adapt tasks based on the learner or group.

You can also create interdisciplinary and cross-curricular lesson with content from several different subjects to collaborate with on a work board as well as prepare lessons and share in situations where you won’t be able to attend yourself.

It is a platform to make digital education easy, affordable and collaborative.
This free content is created from authors that are expert educators working at CLIO.me and here we have added a link to the free material that can be used to collaborate around the SDGs 17 Sustainable Goals from the UN.
Marketplace for buying and selling content or courses over PayPal.

Complete Digital Educational tool

School4you and Content4you creates opportunities for flexible training both in and out of the classroom. The role of the educator is just as important as when you use traditional content and at the same time you have new opportunities to see each individual and follow his or her work.

Both you and your learners have all the material collected in one place and you can communicate with it on a group- or individual level directly in digital form.

Your Academy has been developed in cooperation with educators and researchers as well as together with those who use our products every day. We are constantly developing and improving so that you always have a relevant and modern platform to work with.

Learners work board (feedback from users)

There are 3 ways to create feedback for learners on School4you and Content4you. Each work board have a second “learner work board” to collaborate on for everyone in the class/group or as an individual. Every created work board have this when shared for the attendants. 1. Users in a class or group of learners shared from the educator. This second work board will be available also when; 2. A class/group of learners that have got an assignment to create a work board on a specific subject/project, led by an educator, adult or on learner in a class/group. 3. As individual learner developing/sharing an idea of their own or with a partner.

How to work with the Platform;
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